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Revolutionizing virtual aged care for elderly residents

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Tele health and Virtual Care for the Elderly

At Virtual aged care, our specialized tele health services cater to the unique needs of elderly residents in nursing homes across Australia. Our virtual care solutions encompass falls assessments, UTI management, behavior management, electronic medication charting, wound swab and blood test results review, radiology review, and expert consultations for families seeking guidance on elderly care

Expert Aged Care Doctors

Our team of Australian-trained doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional aged care services. With their expertise and in-depth knowledge of elderly care, they specialize in addressing various conditions through tele health. From preventive care to ongoing management of chronic conditions, our doctors ensure that residents in aged care facilities receive the highest level of medical attention without leaving their home

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Falls Assessments and Management

Preventing falls is crucial for the elderly population, and our tele health services excel in fall assessments and management. Through virtual consultations, our doctors identify risk factors, develop personalized care plans, and guide nursing home staff in implementing preventive measures. By keeping residents safe and reducing falls, we strive to enhance their quality of life and overall well-being

Comprehensive Tele Health Solutions

Comprehensive Tele Health Solutions: Virtual aged care offers a wide range of tele health solutions to aged care facilities. Our services include electronic medication charting for accurate and streamlined medication management, prompt review and interpretation of wound swab and blood test results, as well as consultations with families to discuss personalized care plans. With our comprehensive approach to virtual care, we ensure that every resident receives the attention they deserve

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